Breast Unit

Breast Unit

The Vithas Breast Unit was created with the aim of helping women prevent breast cancer, since early diagnosis increases the chances of treating it in time. Our focus is on women: prevention, monitoring and personalised care.​

Our unit has multidisciplinary teams working with the best scientific evidence, the latest diagnostic techniques, the most up-to-date procedures and high standards of care quality.  

All this allows us to obtain a global vision in the care, achieving a better understanding of clinical processes and pathways and a greater resolution capacity. Only this way can we build trust and foster a good doctor-patient relationship​. 


Prevention is one of the pillars of our unit, which is why we use screening programmes that allow us to reach an early diagnosis through diagnostic tests, exams or other quick, non-invasive techniques. 

The chance of surviving breast cancer increases in women who are treated in a specialised breast unit. That is why professional expertise in this specific and delicate field is so important. Expertise to know what to do, how to do it and relay the information to the women we treat.

With a timely mammogram, breast cancer can be detected at an early stage, meaning it can be treated in most cases. 

Early detection 

We know you need quick answers and for doctors and the health team to be involved, and that’s how we do it. 

We attach great importance to the speed of diagnosis: in a maximum of two or three hours, you will be seen by a senologist and have a mammogram and an ultrasound. Your specialist may recommend a biopsy if they think it necessary, providing you with the result within a few hours. 

Our team of specialists will make you feel accompanied and safe, and you’ll obtain results and answers quickly and efficiently. 

Multidisciplinary unit

The team is made up of a group of medical professionals and surgeons specialising in breast conditions. This allows us to provide a comprehensive and personalised solution to our patients, coordinating all the specialities we offer in a single place: gynaecology, plastic surgery, general oncological surgery, radiology and psycho-oncology.

The unit team aims to create a warm environment to ensure patients feel comfortable and calm, while offering them a quick, safe and accurate answer.   

Range of services

Diagnostic procedures

  • Digital mammogram and additional projections 
  • High-resolution ultrasound
  • CT scanner and magnetic resonance imaging
  • Marking of non-papular lesions or in adjuvant chemotherapy​
  • Magnetic resonance-guided ​punctures
  • Interventional radiology Needle biopsy: ultrasound guided, ETX guided, harpoon and marker placement.
  • ​Genetic counselling​ 

Surgical procedures

  • Pre- and post-operative strategy by a multidisciplinary team 
  • Breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy 
  • Sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection 
  • Oncoplastic surgery 
  • Immediate or delayed reconstructive​ surgery, breast implants and tissue expanders, contralateral symmetry procedures
  • Risk reduction surgery for patients assessed and catalogued by genetic counselling​


  • Total or partial​ breast irradiation 
  • Boost 
  • Regional lymphatic irradiation 
  • Palliative ​irradiation for bone metastases​ 
  • ETX irradiation for cerebral lesions 

Medical oncology

  • Adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy 
  • Hormone therapy 
  • Molecular therapy 
  • Chemoprevention