Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital

Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital
Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital
  • Calle La Salle, 12, 28023 Madrid, Madrid
  • +34 915 129 000
  • Opening hours:8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.

Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital

Part of the Vithas Madrid healthcare system, with 3 hospitals working in a network, Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital is designed to provide comprehensive healthcare to the entire north-west of the capital and Madrid region, and is built around the A6 motorway, from which it is very close. Its location means it is a very short drive from the municipalities of Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Las Rozas, Boadilla del Monte and from the capital itself.

As a general medical and surgical hospital, it offers a full range of specialities, with a special focus on two areas of medicine:

Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital is visited by more than 230,000 patients a year, receives more than 7,000 inpatient admissions and performs more than 10,000 operations.

Women’s, maternal and child health

  • Multidisciplinary Breast Unit Vithas Tejerina Foundation: a leading unit specialising in breast conditions. By having all specialities (oncoplastic surgery, diagnostic imaging, oncology, psychology and pathological anatomy) in one place, we are able to offer our patients comprehensive, personalised treatment.
  • Assisted Reproduction Hospital Unit (ARHU):
    With more than 700 personalised treatments carried out per year, our clinic has a high effectiveness rate: 50% of our patients get pregnant after their 1st transfer. Our results are audited and published in the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF, for its initials in Spanish).
  • Paediatrics Unit: As a well-established, leading mother and baby hospital in the area, it offers a broad range of specialised paediatric services, for newborns to adolescents:
      • Intensive Care Unit
      • Child allergies
      • Early care
      • Paediatric cardiology
      • Paediatric surgery
      • Digestive System
      • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
      • Adolescent Gynaecology Unit


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Other special units

  • Vithas Madrid Cardiovascular Institute: Under the coordination of Dr Julián Pérez-Villacastín, working transversally in the three Vithas centres in Madrid, this institute integrates the units of Clinical Cardiology, Haemodynamics, Electrophysiology and Cardiac Surgery. The hospital also has a paediatric cardiology and congenital heart disease unit. The common goal is to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages and to foster excellence in care through a complete, multidisciplinary team, which comprehensively treats patients with heart or vascular disease.
  • Digestive Endoscopy Unit: Offering a complete range of studies including echoendoscopy, ERCP and capsule endoscopy, it is covered by all partner insurance companies.
  • COVID-19 Multidisciplinary Unit: COVID-19 is a systemic disease that produces delayed symptoms and treatable sequelae in several organs. Coordinated by our internal medicine specialists, it integrates:
    • Olfactory rehabilitation monographic clinic (ENT)
    • Voice rehabilitation — speech therapy
    • Treatment by different specialists of cardiac, pulmonary, cutaneous, neurological and other manifestations
    • Post-COVID cognitive impairment
  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment Unit — Sweat Clinic: Specialising in the definitive, surgical approach, it offers assessments and advice on the most appropriate treatment in each case (private patients only).
  • Hand Surgery Unit: A highly specialised unit in orthopaedic and traumatological hand and wrist disorders, and microsurgery, directed by Dr Damián Gómez Hernández.

Technological equipment

  • 1.5 T closed MRI scanner
  • High-field open MRI scanner
  • ​Haemodynamics and vascular radiology room
  • Digital subtraction angiography
  • CT scanner
  • Digital and 3D mammograms
  • Ultrasound
  • Densitometer
  • Echoendoscopes
  • Capsule endoscopy


Vithas Madrid Aravaca A&E
  • Calle La Salle, 12, 28023 Madrid, Madrid
  • +34 915 129 000
  • Opening hours:24 hours

With an average wait time of less than 25 minutes and informative, convenient support for patients, we offer a service that is accessible within a few minutes from any point of its area of influence, with free parking while patients are in care and separate pathways for maximum SAFETY.

24-hour care 

  • Paediatric emergencies (separate from adults)
  • Internal medicine emergencies
  • Gynaecology and obstetric emergencies
  • Traumatology emergencies
  • Emergency surgery

Set up as a High Performance Emergency Service (SUAR, for its initials in Spanish), the hospital is highly qualified to provide effective medical care for all types of emergencies.

How to access

The A&E Department entrance is located on Calle Ganímedes (perpendicular to c/ La Salle).

By bus:

Bus: Number 161 Estación Aravaca-Moncloa (Interchange). Stop is in front of the hospital. Name of stop: La Salle-Blanca de Castilla. Stop number: 3467.

Line 162 also stops in the hospital vicinity: El Barrial-Moncloa, which stops on Calle Zarzuela-Blanca de Castilla (stop number 3468).

Intercity buses from Moncloa Interchange: 657, 657A.

By car:

From Madrid: A6 (Carretera de la Coruña), exit 10B.

From Barajas airport: Take the M30 towards Avda. de la Ilustración, A6, A Coruña. Take exit 23B for the A6 towards A Coruña. Take exit 10B.

Documentation needed:

  • Insurance card
  • Private patients will be required to deposit a payment bond for the medical/surgical treatment.
  • ID card/Passport

In numbers

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operating rooms
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Patient documentation

Read our inpatient guide, where you will find all the important information for your stay at our centre.

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at Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital

Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital

Vithas Madrid Aravaca Hospital

Calle La Salle 12