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Vithas International
Vithas International

Vithas International

Vithas International is a new approach to private health care based on excellence and offering comprehensive, quality solutions ranging from prevention to healing and recovery.

Combining top-level medical professionals and the most advanced technology available in medical equipment, it offers a highly personalised accompaniment service, creating a ‘five-star’ patient experience and a new model of private health care.

Our facilities

  • More than 30 highly specialised units
  • Care in 9 languages

Our healthcare solutions are specially designed to adapt to each patient’s individual needs​, including care in their own language, and range from a personalised health prevention plan to highly complex treatment involving doctor’s consultations, diagnostic tests, urgent care and outpatient or inpatient treatment.

All this, combined with our commitment to offering the highest standards of quality and excellence in patient-centric health care and answering your concerns immediately with no waiting, make Vithas International a unique experience in the field of private health care.

5-star service

We offer a comprehensive and advanced healthcare service revolving around healthcare excellence, understood as quality, speed, professionalism and premium personalised care, in which a Personal Health Advisor accompanies patients at all times: “before, during and after treatment at Vithas International.”

This five-star service represents a new way of conceiving health care, where the patient and their specific needs are at the heart of the entire process, both healthcare and non-care, allowing us to build relationships with our patients based on trust, quality and excellence.

In addition, our personal health advisors create personalised health plans for each patient to promote health education and disease prevention.

Where to find us

at Vithas International

Vithas International

Vithas International

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