Care excellence


Vithas strives for excellence in the quality of our care. That’s why we encourage our professionals to work every day with openness, personalised care and medical rigour as core values.

The annual satisfaction surveys we conduct show that our patients rate the dedication and care they receive from our staff very highly.

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Our Purpose

Approach to care


Our care approach is focused on our patients, offering multidisciplinary care based on their needs.

Comprehensive care


We offer comprehensive health care performed following the highest quality standards, from when our patients arrive at the centre to when they are discharged.


Patient safety


Vithas ensures patient safety and risk reduction in all clinical procedures and throughout the treatment process.

Quality accreditations

Joint Commision International
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Joint Commission International Accreditation

Vithas follows the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation as a reference model to reach the highest levels in two of our strategic pillars: quality of care and customer service.Joint Commission International is universally regarded as the most experienced accreditation body and the gold standard for patient care due to its high level of demand, the safety guarantee it offers patients and its patient-centric approach to health care.

The working model based on JCI standards is implemented across all group hospitals. This certification demonstrates the level of quality achieved across our hospitals: in 2014 the Vithas Xanit International Hospital was accredited, in 2017 the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria Hospital was accredited and in 2019 the Vithas Granada Hospital was accredited. This accreditation places these hospitals on an exclusive list of the best hospitals in the world.

Madrid Excelente Accreditation

We have also received regional awards for the quality and prestige of our care. As a result, our hospitals Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria and Vithas Madrid Aravaca have received the prestigious “Madrid Excelente” seal which is awarded by the Community of Madrid to companies that meet specific quality standards and demonstrate excellence in company management.

This mark of quality looks at the company’s operations to certify that all business areas are covered within the set standards.

Having this seal means that we can offer clients and patients the guarantee of a job well done, conveying the prestige of our services.