Vithas Cardiovascular Institute

Vithas Cardiovascular Institute

We are opening a new Cardiovascular Institute. The institute adds to all our other units a service with multidisciplinary, comprehensive care, supported by advanced technology and personalised medical treatment.


Areas of specialisation

Clinical cardiology

The centrepiece of the speciality. It is the patient’s gateway to the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and follow-up of cardiovascular conditions.



Its aim is the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, when they are treatable percutaneously. It includes everything from diagnostic coronary angiography, coronary stent implantation to percutaneous artificial valve implantation (PAVI).


Arrhythmia and electrophysiology

Involves the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders, offering an effective and safe treatment for various tachyarrhythmias and bradyarrhythmias. It also includes the insertion of pacemakers in slow rhythm disorders. 


Cardiovascular surgery

Addresses cardiovascular system disorders and diseases through surgical techniques. The most commonly treated conditions are those related to coronary ischemic disease and valvular heart diseases.

Intensive Care Unit

The institute functionally integrates the intensive care units and anaesthesia and postoperative resuscitation services of the 3 Vithas hospitals in Madrid.

Haemodynamics room

We have haemodynamics rooms in the 3 Vithas hospitals in Madrid. These have high-technology equipment to obtain dynamic images, process them and digitise them to diagnose and treat cardiovascular coronary diseases without open surgery.

Biplane room

State-of-the-art technological equipment that allows simultaneous images to be obtained at different planes, accelerating the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


We offer cardiological health care over the phone thanks to telematic access allowing us to monitor and care for remote patients.

Cardiac rehabilitation

We develop personalised exercise and education programmes with the aim of promoting the recovery and reintegration into social and working life for patients who have suffered from heart disease​.


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