Vithas Tenerife Hospital

Vithas Tenerife Hospital
Vithas Tenerife Hospital

Vithas Tenerife Hospital

After continuous extensions and improvements, Vithas Tenerife Hospital is now a leading private medical centre in the Canary Islands for its implementation of the highest healthcare technology.

More than a hundred specialists at your service

We have a prestigious medical team made up of first-class professionals with extensive experience in their fields who provide personalised care and support. We also have the most advanced technology for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring in all medical areas.

Vithas Tenerife Hospital currently offers its patients comprehensive healthcare equipment in more than 11,000 square metres of healthcare facilities.

Our internal organisation is aimed at our patients and offering them the safest and highest-quality care.

The satisfaction surveys on the hospital’s various departments from the FBA Consulting report showed the following results out of a maximum of 100

First-rate hospital rooms

Our first-rate facilities and rooms are specially designed to improve patient recovery.

Vithas Tenerife Hospital has 36 rooms, three of which are suites. Each room has a bed and armchair for the patient, bedside table, bathroom, wardrobe, telephone, television as well as oxygen and vacuum.

The single rooms also have a bed for the patient’s companion.

Technological equipment

  • Lithotripsy
  • Mammogram
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • CT scanner


Vithas Tenerife A&E

To prioritise emergency patients and ensure speed of care, the A&E Department at Vithas Tenerife Hospital has its own space with functional areas and accesses, separate from the rest of the facilities and communicated directly with the rest of the hospital units, to attend to outpatient emergencies.

Rapid response to outpatient emergencies

Rapid response times are a determining factor for A&E and allow the department to run smoothly and establish the right priorities in each situation. The A&E team bring all their experience and specific training for this type of service.

They are on hand during the day and implement efficient action protocols to assess each case, request the appropriate diagnostic tests and make the necessary decisions, including activating the localised alert assistive mechanism, should the case require it.

Highly qualified healthcare professionals

  • Diagnostic imaging resources
  • Laboratories and clinical analyses
  • Surgical unit
  • Hospital pharmacy

The A&E Department also has direct access to the rest of the medical specialities provided by the hospital.

How to access

The Vithas Tenerife Hospital A&E Department is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Documentation needed:

  • DNI/Passport
  • Recognised patients will be required to deposit a payment bond for the medical/surgical treatment.
  • Insurance card

In numbers

beds on the floor
icu posts
operating rooms
external consultations

Our services

Patient documentation

Read our inpatient guide, where you will find all the important information for your stay at our centre.

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