Pain treatment

Pain treatment

What is pain treatment?

The Spanish Pain Society estimates that one in three people suffer from some kind of physical pain every day. Back, joint and head pains are the most frequent among the Spanish population.

The pain units at Vithas hospitals tackle the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this pain, whether it is chronic or acute.

These units can also help alleviate cancer pain, in an individualised and professional manner.

Which patients is it for?

Any patient with any type of pain causing disability or functional disability.

Usually, pain unit patients are referred to us by other specialists, with whom we work in a coordinated and multidisciplinary manner.

Main conditions and diseases

Pain is a symptom, so it’s important to determine what’s causing it in order to treat it.

All types of localised, generalised or persistent pain can be studied and treated in a pain unit. Usually, it is osteo-muscular and joint pain.

Main diagnostic resources and technology.

Every case is different as everyone experiences pain differently. The pain unit staff study your medical history and make their own anamnesis, as well as perform all the diagnostic tests they have at their disposal to offer a treatment regime that is as personalised as possible.

Main treatments

The anaesthetists running the pain units implement a solution that is as personalised as possible to each case.

For this purpose, they use a treatment ladder to adjust the treatment to each case. They may also use:

  • Epidurals
  • Infiltrations
  • Pyramidal and pudendal nerve treatments
  • Functional and regional blocks
  • Radio frequency
  • Ultrasounds

Why come to our clinic?

There’s no reason to live in pain. Nowadays, in this environment, we can diagnose and treat any type of pain.


Do all treatments involve drugs?

No. We use a treatment ladder, allowing the pain to be adequately treated according to its cause and condition.

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