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What insurance companies does Vithas work with?

Vithas covers practically all insurance companies and mutual insurance companies, domestic and foreign. Contact your reference centre to resolve any questions or see the complete list of insurers here.

I don’t have health insurance. Can I book an appointment at a Vithas medical centre or hospital?

Yes. Our centres and hospitals offer medical consultations, A&E care, medical-surgical treatments and diagnostic tests to all patients, even if they don’t have health insurance. Contact your nearest centre or hospital or one of our Personal Health Advisors so that they can manage your treatment as a private patient.

How do I book an appointment at a Vithas medical centre or hospital?

Booking an appointment with your Vithas specialist is very simple: you can do it online, through our website vithas.en or through the Vithas app, which you can download from the AppStore and Google Play, by calling your reference centre, or in person.

In addition, in many specialities, you can choose between an in-person or remote appointment (via video consultation or by phone).

What documentation should I bring for my first appointment with the specialist?

For your first appointment with the specialist you will only need to bring your ID and your health or mutual insurance card. You can also bring information such as medical reports or diagnostic tests if you believe this is necessary and you're coming in for a recurring condition that was not previously treated in any of our centres or hospitals.

What happens if I can’t access my private area, does that mean I won’t receive my test results or be able to download them?

If you’re having trouble accessing your private area or have any issues accessing your reports or diagnostic test results, you can contact your reference hospital or the Support Service by sending an email explaining your problem to cau.web@vithas.en.


Patients without health insurance

Can I have surgery in a private hospital if I don’t have health insurance?

Yes. Vithas hospitals offer our entire range of medical services to all patients, including surgical procedures, consultations, treatments and diagnostic tests, without the need for health insurance.

What do I need to have surgery or treatment in a private hospital?

To undergo surgical treatment in any Vithas hospital, you do not need to have health insurance, mutual insurance or pay fees and monthly payments. You can request an immediate initial consultation in which a doctor will assess your particular case to establish the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Once your treatment plan has been agreed upon, our personal health advisors will create a quote and you can start your treatment immediately.

How much does surgery or treatment in a Vithas hospital cost?

Every patient and every treatment is unique. Our personal health advisors will create a quote tailored to your needs, outlining all the important information on payment options and financing options, with no obligation.

Can I finance my surgery or treatment?

Yes. To make sure you only have to worry about what really matters, your health, Vithas offers a financial advice service tailored to each patient so that accessing any surgery or treatment is as simple and convenient as possible.

Contact our personal health advisor to choose the option that’s best for you. You will receive your personalised proposal instantly. See also our other financing options. You can now finance your treatment up to 24 months without interest or if you prefer, up to 48 months*

NIR 12.50%, APR 13.24% Financial offer made by CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, E.F.C., E.P., S.A.U. and subject to its approval. Financing with 24 months interest-free. Initial commission of 4.5% to be paid in the first month. Example for a purchase of €1500. NIR 0% APR 4.53% First instalment €130 (instalment amount: €62.50 + initial commission: €67.50), remaining instalments: €62.50. Total due: €1567.50. // 48-month financing. Example for a purchase of €1500. NIR 12.5% APR 13.24% Instalment amount: €39.87. Last instalment: €39.89. Total due: €1913.78. Offer valid until 31/12/2021. Consult other financing options at the hospital centre.

If I have medical concerns, can I have them resolved with a doctor before I have surgery?

Yes. You can request an initial consultation with one of our specialists, who will assess your case and recommend the most appropriate treatment, as well as resolve any medical questions you may have.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

To offer our patients personalised and quality care, Vithas accompanies our patients throughout the process: before, during and after their stay at our centres. We offer an exclusive service in which a personal health advisor will guide and advise you and your family at any time.


International patients

What are the international patient services?

Our international patient services are specially designed to make the entire process easier for international patients, both those travelling to our centre from their own country to undergo treatment, as well as foreigners residing in Spain, from taking the decision to choose Vithas for their medical care, until the subsequent treatment, recovery and follow-up.

Are there financing programmes for foreign patients?

Our personal health advisors offer a special financing advisory service for international patients, providing them with the solutions that will best suit their needs and offering an indicative and non-binding quote for your health care.

How do I manage my trip and transfer?

Vithas International can help you contact an external travel agency that will provide you with the best advice regarding transfers and accommodation near the centre.

How can I manage the paperwork with the insurance company in my country?

Vithas facilitates any administrative procedures with the insurance companies of our international patients’ countries of origin.

In how many languages are international patients treated?

Vithas offers both healthcare and non-care services in various languages such as English, French and others.

Do you offer a translation and interpretation service?

Our personal health advisors welcome international patients upon their arrival at our centre and accompany and guide them throughout the process, offering a continuous translation and interpretation service in their native language.

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