Dr. van der Lugt , Joris

Dr. Joris van der Lugt

Cirugía ortopédica y traumatología en Málaga

  • Hospital Vithas Xanit Estepona

    Avenida Andalucía, 1,2,4

Sobre mí

Doctor Joris van der Lugt (1976) has over 13 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon and trainer in The Hague/Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. After his PhD thesis about elbow arthroplasties in 2010, he specializes in hip and knee arthroplasties, as well as repair surgeries of these replacements. He has since made thousands of patients happy with a pain-free and active life. In 2022, he emigrated with his family to Marbella to continue his practice in collaboration with Cenyt Hospital. He still works 3 to 4 days a month at Flexclinics in Utrecht.

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Áreas de especialización


Datos del profesional


  1. Arthroplasty of the hip by the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA)
  2. Arthroplasty of the knee, total (TKP) and unicompartimental knees (UKP)
  3. Revision surgery of hip and knee arthroplasties
  4. Cirugía robotica (MAKO robot)
  5. Cirugía de codo
  6. Infiltrations with Platelet Rich Plasma or Autologous Protein Solution


2004-2010 Orthopedic resident

2010 PhD Thesis: The Souter-Strathclyde Total Elbow Prosthesis, Leiden University

2010 Dutch registration as orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist

2017 Spanish registration as orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist

2017-2022 Instructor for orthopedic residents in The Hague

2020 Registation to perform robotic surgeries

2021 Good Clinical Practice


Experiencia profesional

2023 Consultations at CostaSpine, chiropractic y physiotherapy

2022 Cenyt Hospital Estepona

2019 Flexclinics Utrecht

2017 Hospital Ceram Marbella

2010 – 2022 HagaHospital The Hague / Zoetermeer


Experiencia académica

2010 PhD Thesis: The Souter-Strathclyde Total Elbow Prosthesis, Leiden University





Sociedad Española de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología (SECOT)

Nederlandse Orthopedische Vereniging (NOV)

European Bone and Joint Infection Society (EBJIS)



Patients Related Outcome Measurements (PROMS) after hip and knee arthroplasties (Flexclinics Utrecht), start 2023


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