Prevention and healthy habits may help relieve menopause symptoms

Prevention and healthy habits may help relieve menopause symptoms

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During the menopause, the levels of certain hormones -estrogen and progesterone- begin to fall. Maintaining a good health during this stage may help alleviating the symptoms.

Sleep disturbance, lack of energy and loss of sex drive are some common symptoms that many women suffer from when they start experiencing menopause. However, prevention and healthy habits play a very important role in facing this climacteric stage.

“With the end of menstruation, the levels of some hormones decrease: estrogen and progesterone. That is why maintaining a good health during this stage may help alleviating the symptoms", explains Dr Emilia VILLEGAS, Gynaecologist and Head of the Women's Health Unit at Vithas Xanit International hospitals, Vithas Malaga and Vithas Xanit Gibraltar.

Gynecological examinations are essential at any stage. Therefore, Dr Villegas insists that “it is advisable to be checked by a doctor, since it is important that women are aware of any possible treatments, therapies and lifestyles. At the same time, some diseases can be prevented when detected early, with appropriate treatment or surgery.” In addition, she adds that "menopause in women may lead to a number of disorders related to other medical specialities that can be easily detected by a gynaecologist and be then referred to the different specialists for treatment and follow-up.” 

In this sense, Dr. Raul CARDENAL, Gynecologist at Vithas Xanit Gibraltar, insists that “it is important to raise women's awareness about various issues related to this period of life, such as the importance of keeping a healthy diet, regular physical exercise and, if necessary, access to different treatments to reduce/alleviate the associated symptoms".

Menopause symptoms can be relieved

Prevention and healthy habits may help relieve menopause symptoms. It is important to exercise regularly to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Our gynaecologist emphasises the importance of strengthening pelvic floor, because it is during menopause that pelvic dysfunctions occur, leading to incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse.

Furthermore, Vithas Xanit Gibraltar professionals add that “it is advisable to take care of food by following a healthy diet low in fat and rich in vegetables and fruits, as well as to increase the intake of oily fish”.

Gynaecology Unit at Vithas Xanit Gibraltar

Vithas Xanit Gibraltar has recently expanded its portfolio of services by adding 9 new specialities, including Gynaecology. The main goal is to offer women in Gibraltar the highest quality of care thanks to the extensive experience of the team of professionals that make up the unit, providing a more complete and specialised service.

Dr Raul CARDENAL also states that "cervical cancer is closely linked to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. For this reason, the Gynaecology Unit of Vithas Xanit Gibraltar is committed to preventing and early diagnosing this type of cancer, as performing a HPV diagnosis and screening is a way to prevent cervical cancer".

Vithas Xanit Gibraltar

The clinic started operating in May last year and is located at Unit 1 Lexington, Midtown, Queensway Rd.

All professionals at Vithas Xanit Gibraltar have extensive experience and they also lead the services of their respective specialities at Vithas Xanit International Hospital. The clinic also has five multi-purpose consulting rooms, as well as a nursing consultation, a blood-sampling room with a laboratory area and a radiology room using the most-advanced direct digital radiography technology.

Vithas Group is made up of 20 hospitals and 37 medical & assistance facilities distributed throughout 13 Spanish provinces. There are 12,500 professionals who make up Vithas and who have successfully turned it into one of the leaders in Spanish healthcare. In addition, the Group integrates the following institutions: Fundacion Vithas, Vithas Red Diagnostica and the buying centre PlazaSalud24. The corporate strategy of Vithas, supported by Goodgrower Group, is based on accredited healthcare quality, patient experience, research and innovation, and a social and environmental undertaking. Follow us: LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube

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